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Connect-A-Dock® Made in USA
Modular Floating Dock System for the
'Ultimate Shoreline Experience'
Made in USA
Multi-Use Portable Ramp System
‘Where Strength and Flexibility Meet’

Tequila! & Martini®

Point 65°N Kayak Sweden
Take-Apart ~ Solo & Tandem Modular Kayaks

A lifetime of year 'round waterfront adventure awaits you with family-friendly Connect-A-Dock® (CAD) floating dock systems, Roll-A-Ramp® (RAR) portable, light weight gangway systems, and take-apart, portable kayaks from Point 65ºN Sweden. The modular design and rugged construction of these systems have revolutionized convenience for people who love water recreation, rowing, fishing and boating.

  • Connect-A-Dock is the perfect solution for your waterfront application.

  • Roll-A-Ramp offers optimum utility for land-to-dock, boat-to-dock, and boat-to-boat easy access.

  • Point 65ºN Kayaks are available in sit-on-top and sit-in models. Easy to disassemble and load into your car. Easy to carry and stow away.

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